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Most common questions on the new Partner Portal

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1.Login issue & general Partner Portal Use

How can I connect/open my Partner Portal account?

You should find all the information needed in this article.

I want to change my Password

As we gave you login credentials with the invitation mail received, you should change the password afterward. For that, click on your name in the upper right corner and select ‘User Profile’.

I forgot my invitation mail and I need to log in to the Partner Portal?

In this case, you need to request a password on the login page.

What is the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal is a tool designed by Urban Sports Club and Fitogram to allow you to add and manage your Urban Sports Club schedule and bookings on your own - without having to rely on our support team. With the Partner Portal you will be able to set up and edit your classes, as well as see bookings, cancellations, and check-ins in real time from either your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can also modify your profile and your pics on ypur own. Plus, your QR code is available.

This new tool is currently in the testing phase, and only a limited number of partners can use it. However, we will continue to expand its use to more and more of our partners.

Are you already using the Partner Portal? Please log in to your Partner Portal account to access further information.

What do I use the Partner Portal for/What do I use the old partner tool for?

Since the Partner Portal is our new tool, it is still being improved and updated constantly to make sure that each component functions correctly before adding a new one. This means that for the time being you will still need to access the old partner tool for some functionalities, while others are already available through the Partner Portal.

Functionalities that are currently available in the Partner Portal:

- Profile management → edit location details, adjust opening hours, upload new pictures, access your QR code.

- Schedule management → create, update or cancel your classes directly via the Partner Portal.

- Bookings, check-ins and cancellations overview → see who booked or cancelled their booking, you can click on the event in question and see all current bookings and cancellations. Once the class time has passed you will also be able to see who checked in to your class.

Functionalities that are available in the old Partner Tool:

- Invoices→ view and download your invoices via the payouts tab

- Collective check-in overview → view all check-ins via the check-ins tab

Now that I use the Partner Portal, can I still use the old Partner Tool?

In the long term, the Partner Tool will be replaced by the Partner Portal. But for the time being, the two tools coexist. Monthly check-in overviews as well as your invoices can still be found in the old partner tool. The Partner Portal simply provides further features to improve your partner experience. Eventually, all information and actions regarding the partnership with Urban Sports Club will be available only on the Partner Portal.

My QR Code is not working anymore

This article can help you.

I need help using the Partner Portal

For questions specifically related to the Partner Portal, we kindly ask you to use theHelp Centerand the chatbot that is available within your account. Your message will go directly to our dedicated team, who will be able to instantly view your software, activities, account details and further information to troubleshoot effectively. This way, your request can easily be forward to our tech team if needed !

How can I switch the language on the Partner Portal?

If you want to change the language of your Partner Portal, just click on the arrow under the section Support and select the preferred language.

How can I enable notifications?

You can enable notifications directly on your user account

This article shows you how to do so

How can I change my settings?

This article shows you how to do so

2. Events settings & Calendar

I’d like to update my Schedule

This article explains you everything you need to know

I’d like to delete an event or a series of events

This article shows you how to do so

What are the differences between free training and classes?

Free Training is an open studio without trainer

You need Free Training if your studio is not only offering classes, but has facilities and/or equipment at your members' disposal.

For example, you manage a fitness studio and offer an area with open access to training equipment. Or maybe you have a swimming pool with an area for your members to access outside your swim classes.


When you have a regular event at a fixed given time with a special trainer, that’s what we call classes

How can I keep track of the check ins, bookings and cancellation?

You’ll get all the information you need by reading this article.

I’d like to update a class

This article shows you how to do so

How can I create a class?

To create your first class, press on the button '+ new Event' in the top right corner of your dashboard. In the new window opening you can then choose your event type.

Fill in all information applicable at each tab:


Fill in the title of your class and the number of spots available. The location is set automatically for now and the trainer is not displayed on the Urban Sports Club app yet.


Choose a sports category, which will determine under which filter Urban Sports Club members will find your classes, i.e. Yoga, Pilates, or Fitness. Describe your event and additional information that is important for the member to know before booking a spot. The picture of the class is not yet available on the Urban Sports Club app but is still taken from your old profile settings in the original partner tool.


Under schedule, you determine the different times your class takes place and how often it is repeated. If you for instance have the same class twice during the week at different times you can add another timeslot.

Once you filled in all the necessary details, please don’t forget to save your changes. If you have forgotten any information, you will receive an error message with the missing details. Check all tabs and try again.

How can I access all my events at once?

You can find all your active and inactive events in one, to quickly find what you are looking for.

To access the events list select ‘Event overview’ from the menu bar on the left hand side.

The event overview will open up. You will see three different columns:

  • Active: In this column, you can find all your currently active events. Meaning, events with planned dates in the future.

  • Inactive: Here, you can find all your inactive events. An event is inactive as soon as it doesn’t have any future dates planned.

  • All: In this list, you can find all events, active and inactive.

Each event is shown with the name, the event category when the next event will take place, who the trainer is, and the location of the event

Depending on how many events you have created, you can jump to the next page at the bottom of the page.

By using the filter function, you can easily filter your event list. Select the button “Filter” in the right corner and you can choose between a trainer and location. By selecting the category it will open up in a drop-down and you can select the filter. When done, select “Apply” to apply the filter.

How can I create a free training session?

This article explains you everything you need to know

How to use the Partner Portal Calendar ?

This article shows it to you

3. Profile / Location related

I would like to update my Urban Sports Club Profile or Location?

You can adjust the location or named profile details displayed in the Urban Sports Club app by clicking ‘Location’ in the left menu bar in the Partner Portal.

You can change the details of your location through the following tabs: General, Details, Opening Hours and Other.

Here you’re able to edit:

  • Location address and contact information

  • Location details/description

  • Location opening times

How can I edit my user profile?

  • Click on the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner.

  • Select Your user profile.

  • Make the desired changes. You can change here your password

  • Click on Save to save your changes

You would like to add or change your profile pictures that are displayed in your Urban Sports Club profile?

This article explains you everything you need to know

Click here to get to the Payout FAQ

How can I change my Bank Account Information?

Your billing data can only be changed by the partner account management team. Please notify us of any changes using the contact form below.

To do so, enter your full name, your studio name, the city in which you operate and the desired changes in the contact form.

If your company becomes taxable or exempt from taxation, please inform us of the change via the contact form as well.

How can I get a correction of my Invoice ?

Your invoice is based on the check ins registered in the system, which are usually compensated automatically. Reasons for a different invoice could be for example the following.

if check-ins were added manually later, it may be that they can only be taken into account with the upcoming payment.

if a visit is not recorded as a check-in in the system, it cannot be billed. Therefore, please check regularly that all check-ins are recorded.

if a flat rate has been contractually agreed, check-ins from members are sometimes billed collectively under the flat rate item, please note this in the invoice.

4. Member & Check ins related

Click here to get to the Check-In FAQ.

Do Urban Sports Club members still have to check in for my classes via the QR code if they have booked a class?

Yes, Urban Sports Club members still have to check in before participating in your classes. The check in via your QR code will automatically confirm the booking and you can see the successful check-in in your Partner Portal account, as well as our old Partner Tool. Please note, that you’ll find a digital version of your Urban Sports Club QR code in your Partner Portal profile.

Trouble with a check-in? Check out this article.

Why can’t I see all the monthly check-ins in my Partner Portal account?

For now, you can see an overview of your check-ins by course. To see your full check-ins by month, you can still find a list of all your monthly checks in the Partner Tool. Check-ins will be synced between Partner Portal and the old Partner Tool from the time you start using Partner Portal. Eventually, you will be able to see monthly check-ins in the Partner Portal, we're are currently developing this functionality!

How can Urban Sports Club members book my classes?

Urban Sports Club members can book your classes directly via our app or website. You will be able to see the bookings for each class in your Partner Portal account.

How does Check-In work for Urban Sports Club Members?

For Urban Sports Club members, there is no difference in how they check in with you, as they still need to scan the QR code when they arrive at your studio.

However, there are several use cases that can occur:

  • The member has booked a place via the Urban Sports Club app

When the Urban Sports Club member books a place via the Urban Sports Club app, this will be displayed immediately on the Partner Portal.

On the Partner Portal, any member that checked in via QR Code will be marked with a checkmark on the right side next to the name automatically.

-The icon is a red cross: Your member did not attend the course, check in is no longer possible.

-The icon is a yellow circle: Waiting for member registration, as soon as your member has checked in with the Urban Sports Club application, he/she will be considered as present.

-The icon is a green marker: Your member has been successfully checked in.

  • The member has not booked a place via the Urban Sports Club app and cannot check-in using the QR code

Can I manually check members in through Partner Portal?

No, the Partner Portal is not meant to be used for manual check-ins. If you require a member to be manually checked in, please refer to the steps explained here.

5. Contract/Partnerships related

I am a former Fitogram user, how can I use the Partner Portal?

This article shows you what you should do.

I have technical issue?

Please contact use by using the Chat Bot on your Partner Portal

You want to become an Urban Sports Club Partner?

Simply follow this link to find all the information you need.

How can I change something about may Urban Sports Club Contract?

If you have questions or want to change something about your partnership agreement, simply contact us via this contact form.

In your message, please explain your request as precisely as possible, including your name, studio name, and the city your are located in, so that we can pass it on to the responsible employee .

Your inquiry will then be forwarded to the appropriate department so that you receive an answer as quickly as possible.

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