Step-by-Step guide on how to set up your Partner Portal in 5 Minutes!

1. Open the invitation Email

Every partner that is moved onto the new partner portal receives an automated invitation email in which you find your login details. Please also check your spam folder in case you cannot find it. Follow the instructions in the email and log in with the login details displayed in the email.

In case you had a FitogramPro account in the past, you need to login in with your old credentials. Reset your password in case you don’t remember anymore.

2. Create your Classes

To create your first class, press on the ‘plus’ in the left corner next to ‘schedule’ and click on ‘Class’.

Fill in all information applicable at each tab:


Fill in the title of your class, and the number of spots available. The location is set automatically for now and the trainer is not displayed on the Urban Sports Club app yet.


Choose a sports category, which will determine under which filter Urban Sports Club members will find your classes, i.e. Yoga, Pilates, or Fitness. Describe your event and additional information that is important for the member to know before booking a spot. The picture of the class is not yet available on the Urban Sports Club app but is still taken from your old profile settings in the original partner tool.


Under schedule, you determine the different times your class takes place and how often it is repeated. If you for instance have the same class twice during the week at different times you can add an additional timeslot.


In case you want to include an online cancellation window you can set the hours applicable here. If you for instance say that your cancellation window is 4 hrs, you will receive your payout as usual for all members that cancel the class after the window has closed, so less than 4hrs before.

Please don’t set the window higher than 12hrs.

Once you filled in all the necessary details, please don’t forget to save your changes. Should the ‘save’ button appear grey you missed some mandatory fields in order to create the event. Check all tabs and try again.

3. Change your password

As we gave you login credentials, in the beginning, you should change the password afterwards. For that, click on your name in the upper right corner and select ‘User Profile’.

All set! In our FAQs, you find more information on how to use the partner portal in your daily routine, i.e. how to check Urban Sports Club members in, how to edit an event later on, or how to delete a unit.

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