Under the section studio on your menu bar on the left side, you can find a practical feature called staff management.

This feature gives you more flexibility to manage your staff:

  • You can grant access to the Partner Portal to your trainers or other administrators so that they can view their courses or help you manage your courses. Moreover, you leave your staff to work more independently on your Partner Portal with our different access rights.

  • You can edit all of your studio staff quite easily. You can deactivate, change the trainer of your classes or delete them when they do not work in your studio anymore

See below the overview:

How to create a new staff member?

Click on the upper right corner on the blue button "Add"

Then add the relevant mandatory information:

  • First Name, Last Name email.

  • Add the access you wish to grant.

What kind of access can you grant?

All staff members who get added also appear as trainers when setting up a new event.

There are different levels of access at the moment.

  • No access = A person with no access doesn’t get access to the Partner Portal. He can be chosen as a trainer in the event

  • Trainer = A person with trainer access can see their own events on the start page

  • Restricted access = A person with restricted access can see all events but doesn’t see the settings and location setup

  • Full access = This admin role provides you/your trainers access to all menu items, and you can also adjust all the settings that are available in your Partner Portal

How to manage your staff with the feature?

You can edit any staff member by clicking on the three dots on the right in each line of the staff members.

Each active staff member can be edited or deactivated.

When a staff member is deactivated, the member moves to the “inactive” list and won’t show up in the list of trainers in the event anymore. Additionally, the staff member loses access to the studio.

If a staff member is a trainer with active classes or future classes he teaches, that trainer needs to be replaced with an active staff member.

Here you can see the pop-up window with the instructions on it.

Inactive staff members can be edited, activated again or deleted.

When a staff member gets deleted, the staff member disappears from the staff member list completely, doesn’t have access anymore, and doesn’t show up in any events anymore.

  • You can activate again a staff member who went on break for diverse reasons.

  • You can delete completely a staff member who left the studio

  • You can edit a staff member even though he is inactive.

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button in the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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