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First Steps on the Partner Portal for former Fitogram users
First Steps on the Partner Portal for former Fitogram users

If you were a Fitogram user and are now using the Partner Portal here is some advice for you.

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If you were using Fitogram in the past here are some tips when managing your classes for the first time on the Partner Portal.

General Introduction of the Partner Portal

The new partner portal is a simplified version of FitogramPro.

You will still be able to manage your classes autonomously and your customers will be able to book your classes instantly on the Urban Sports Club App.

The big difference is - that you won't see features irrelevant to you. No accounting, no products, no automated payment methods. Just course management!

What can you see on the Partner Portal?

All details of your accounts are transferred to the Partner Portal:

  • Settings: all relevant information around your account settings

  • Schedule: all events are transferred (including free training, classes ....). You can see everything in one glance on the first page

  • Bookings: all the bookings stay the same. The only difference is that you are not able to change any bookings or check-ins manually anymore.

  • Locations: all your locations are transferred with their details.

  • Staff management: all your staff members that have access to your FitogramPro account have as well access to the Partner Portal.

  • Payouts: all your payouts are downloadable on the Payout page.

  • Check-in list: all your check-in is listed so that you can filter them

How to login to the Partner Portal?

You can use your usual FitogramPro credentials to log into the Partner Portal.

Your First Steps in the Partner Portal

We've developed a list in the Partner Portal to make it easier for you to log in for the first time and to help you discover the most important functions, such as creating new courses, adjusting your profile or giving you access to new staff members.

Follow this list and save time when you log in for the first time!

Would you like to view your bookings and registrations?

Click on the class or free training session in question and you will see a summary of bookings and registrations.

Read more in the following article here

f you need to view your check-ins for a given day or period, then read this article.

Need help ?

We created video tutorials to explain each functionality with the following link:

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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