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Create your Free Training on the Partner Portal
Create your Free Training on the Partner Portal

In this article, you will learn what Free Training is and how to set it up for your Urban Sports Club members.

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When do I need Free Training?

You need Free Training if your studio is not only offering classes, but has facilities and/or equipment at your members' disposal.

For example, you manage a fitness studio and offer an area with open access to training equipment. Or maybe you have a swimming pool with an area for your members to access outside your swim classes.

For these cases, we added a new type of event called Free Training to the Partner Portal:

  • You can add all relevant information about the open access to your training area.

  • Free training is considered a full-day activity with no set hours. You can set up the days your Free Training should take place and for the period you want it to happen.

Where can I set up Free Training on the Partner Portal?

Select '+ New Event' in the top right corner and then choose 'Free Training Session' in the next step.

How do I set up the Free Training?

It is as easy as creating your Partner Portal classes! You will see the overview divided into different sections: General, Details, Schedule.


Fill in the name of your Free Training. The location is set automatically for now.


You can choose:

  • A sports category, will determine under which filter Urban Sports Club members will find your classes, i.e. Yoga, Pilates, or Fitness.

    Caution: Please only select sports categories that are part of our cooperation agreement. You can find this in our contract within "Partner offer".

  • Describe your event and additional information that is important for the member to know before booking a spot.

    The course description tells Urban Sports Club members what to expect from the course.

NB: The picture of the class is not yet available on the Urban Sports Club app but is still taken from your old profile settings in the original partner tool.


  • Add a timeslot

Just click on ‘Add Timeslot’ to let the Urban Sports Club members know which days the Free Training is available and for which period.

  • Details of the schedule

On the left side, choose the start date of the Free Training session. Please note, that Free Training is a full-day activity.

On the right side, you can set up:

  • How often does the Free Training happen: You can repeat the Free Training every week. If the Free Training is happening for only one week, select the option none. Urban Sports Club members will only have access to the Free Training during the week you selected.

  • Which days during the week the Free Training should take place: If you for example want Urban Sports Club members to have access to your equipment twice a week, just click on the relevant days.

  • If the training has an ending or not. If there is an ending, enable the option and click on the arrow. You will see the calendar to set up the date of your choice.

Did I create my Free Training correctly?

Once you filled in all the necessary details, please don’t forget to save your changes. The button is on the top-right corner of the page. If you missed important information you will see a warning signal with a description of the missing information.

Now you are all set! Happy training!

If you want to know how to create a class, please look at this article.

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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