1. Set up your online courses

New to Fitogram? Read how to create classes here

For online classes, remember about:  

  • In "Do you offer an online stream for this course?" choose "yes". This way the category will automatically be set as 'Virtual course' 
  • In the description, specify how your customers can join your online course and what do they need to participate (equipment, space). 

If you want to create a new class, just click on the + symbol in the top right corner and choose "New event".

Which video platform should I use?

If you are still looking for the best streaming platform, we have some recommendations.

According to our research, Skype and Zoom are the best and easiest solutions. We have also prepared a small guide on how to use them: 

You are, of course, still free to use a platform of your choice. Make sure it allows you to copy & share a streaming link. 

2. Get ready for your online course

  1. Click on your online event in the start page or find it under Events. The details of the appointment should now appear on the right side of the page.
  2.  Insert the previously created streaming link in the check-in area of the event at least 30 minutes before the start of the online course. This link will be automatically sent to your customers via email. They can also dial-in your live stream via your online course calendar.
  3. Click Submit to save the link.

3. Run the online course

Before you the class starts, make sure everything is ready for your livestream: stable Internet connection, webcam, microphone, light etc. 

An automated email will be sent to all participants 15 minutes before the start of the online course. This email will contain the link that your customers can use to access the live stream.

Important: If you have not inserted the link to the live stream at the appropriate place in time, no email will be sent to your participants.

When it is time to hold your class, access your virtual class and check the presence of the participants. You can mark them as present in the check-in area of the online course. Simply click on the check-in button next to the name and product.

If someone does not attend, click on the three small dots next to the button and mark them as absent.

Urban Sports Club members do not need to be marked present, they are automatically checked in when they click on the link in the email.

4. Manage your events

If you want to add more online events, read these article that may help you with your daily work:

Edit event later
Cancel a single appointment
FAQ about the integration of FitogramPro <> Urban Sports Club

If you still have questions, please reach out to us via chat!

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