Create credit pass

To create a credit pass, click on Products on the left side of the screen. In the top right corner, select “New product”. In our example, we want to create a 10-credit pass, so we name the product accordingly. For “Product type”, select “Credit pass”.

Number of units

Here you specify how many units can be booked with the product. Since we are creating 10 credits in this example, we enter 10 here.


Specify the price of the credit pass as well as the VAT rate applicable to you.


Here you can limit the validity of the credit pass. You can either choose between a weekly or monthly limit. In the field next to it, enter the number of weeks or months. In this case, the credit pass is valid for 6 months.

Available in the online shop

Specify whether your customers can buy the product in the online shop.

What should the description be for the online shop?

If the product is available online, you can add a description here that your customers will see when they buy it. For example, enter information about the validity or the number of units. If you have international customers, we advise that you select the British or French flag and translate the description accordingly.

Only allow online payments

Activate this option so that the customer has to select one of the payment methods that you have set in order to buy the product. If you select “No” here, the payment method “Pay later” will automatically be used.

Should all credits be booked based on the first event?

If this option is activated, your customer can book into an event of their course and will be directly booked into as many events of the series as they have credits on their card. For example, a customer books into a course at 9am on Tuesday mornings. If the option is activated, they are also directly booked into the event for the next 9 weeks on Tuesdays mornings at 9am (with a 10-credit pass).

Can a customer only purchase this product once?

Specify whether a customer can only purchase this product once. This is especially useful for trial visits or special offers. We recommend you select “No” here for a normal 10-credit pass.

Booking rules

Here you select the booking group that can be booked with the product. For example, if the trial visit only applies to yoga classes or 60-minute classes, then select the appropriate booking group there. You can find more information about booking rules HERE.

How the credit pass works

When purchasing a 10-credit pass, the customer has 10 credits at their disposal which they can use to attend courses. If the participant is signed up to a course, a credit will be deducted directly. You can then easily see this in the event view or in the customer view. If your participant cancels in FitogramPro, you can choose whether the credit is refunded or not.


If you specify a refund period for the event, this process happens automatically with the online cancellation. In other words, if a customer cancels in time, they receive their credit back. However, if they cancel too late, their booking will be cancelled, but the credit pass will still be charged a credit.

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