With the credit pass you have the possibility to grant your customers a certain number of credits against a one-off payment.
The customers can then use these credits to book your courses.

How the Credit Pass works

When purchasing a 10-credit pass, the customer has 10 credits available which can be used for course bookings. If the participant books a course, one credit is deducted directly from his or her credit pass.
Depending on the cancellation and refund deadlines you set, the customer will get his credit back if he cancels the course again. If you cancel the participant in FitogramPro, you can choose whether or not you want to refund the credit.

With help of the credit passes you can also create a Trial visit or Drop In.

Now learn how to create a points card:

  1. Click on Products in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the button New Product.
  3. Enter a name, e.g. "10-Credit-Pass".
  4. Select the product type Credit pass:

Set-up the product

  • Number of units
    How many sessions can be booked with the product?
  • Price
    Specify the gross price and select the VAT rate applicable to you.
  • Validity
    Here you specify how long the Credit Pass is valid after the purchase.
  • Available in the online shop?
    Specify whether the product can also be booked online by your customers.
  • What should the description be for the online shop?
    If the product is available online, you can add a description that your customers will see when they buy the product. For example, you can enter information about the validity or the number of credits.
    If you have international customers, we advise that you select the British or French flag and translate the description accordingly.
  • Which payment method can be used to buy this product online?
    If standard payment methods are selected, then the product can be paid for by the payment methods that you activated under Settings > Accounting > Payment methods.
    Choosing Individual payment methods you can select the payment methods for the respective product individually.
    The On site payments only - option is useful for free products as customers don't have to select a payment method then.

Advanced Options

  • Can a customer only purchase this product once?
    Specify whether the product can only be purchased once. We recommend you to select "No" for a normal credit pass.
  • Activate autobooking?
    If this option is activated, after booking the first unit, the customer is automatically booked into the subsequent units. You can find more information about the feature here. If you have a regular credit pass, select "No".
  • Can be sold as a voucher?
    Here you decide whether the product can also be bought as a voucher. IMPORTANT! The voucher cannot be redeemed online - only on site.

Booking Rules

  • Here you select the booking group that can be booked with the product. For example, if the trial visit only applies to yoga classes or 60-minute classes, then select the appropriate booking group. Find out more about booking rules here.

5. Click Confirm.

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