Drop-ins involve one-off participation in a course or class. A drop-in is spontaneous and is offered by most fitness providers.

To create a drop-in in FitogramPro, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Products in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the "New Product" button to the right.
  3. Enter a name (e.g. "Drop In", "One-off session").
  4. Select "Single event" in the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the "Price" and "Validity". More info below.
  6. If the product should be available to book online, select "Yes" under "Available in Online Shop".
  7. Select a booking group under the booking rules.
  8. Click on "Apply"


Specify the price for your drop-in and select the VAT rate applicable to you.

Available in the online shop

Specify whether the product can also be booked by your customers online (e.g. via the online course schedule).

What should the description be for the online shop?

If the product is available online, you can add a description here that your customers will see when they purchase it. For example, enter information about the validity or the number of units. If you have international customers, we advise that you select the British or French flag and translate the description accordingly.

Which payment methods can be used to purchase this product online?

If standard payment methods are selected, then the product can be paid for using the payment methods under Settings > Accounting > Payment methods. Individual payment methods can be selected individually for the respective product.
The "payment only possible in person" option is useful for free products as the customer does not have to select a payment method.

Can this product only be purchased once per customer?

Specify whether the product can be purchased several times. In the case of a drop-in, please select “No”.

Booking rules

Here you select the booking group that can be booked with the product. For example, if the trial visit only applies to yoga classes or 60-minute classes, then select the appropriate booking group there. You can find more information about booking rules here.

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