When you are migrated to Partner Portal, your booking system may have changed. In this case, it is important to update your important profile information. This is essential to provide clarity to members.

I am switching to "Instant booking"

If you are switching to the instant booking system, please use this text:

Book your class directly via the Urban Sports Club application! Please note that this booking is binding and that it is necessary to respect the cancellation deadline indicated at the time of booking. If you do not cancel within this period, the class will be deducted from your visit limits. Registration via the QR-Code is still mandatory before you can join the class.

You can find your important information on the profile and details tab. Moreover, the profile is on the right bar under the settings

If you need to know more about how to edit your profile, please read this article: How can I edit my profile?

I am keeping the same booking system

If, and only if, you offer appointment-based consultations, you can keep an external booking mode (phone, email). This way, you do not need to update your profile, unless, of course, your contact information has changed.

I offer appointment-based consultations, how do I use the Partner Portal?

With the Partner Portal, you can manage your profile yourself. If you offer consultations by appointment, you have two options:

  • Booking via the application: you can use the Partner Portal so that members can book appointments directly via the application or the Urban Sports Club website. In this case, you need to create time slots for your services in the calendar and make sure to put a number of slots corresponding to the number of therapists available.

    If you use this system, remember to update the important information on your profile. In the first section of this article, we explain where you can find the profile.

  • telephone or email booking: you can keep using an external booking system such as telephone or email booking. In this case, you do not create any classes but only free training and update your opening hours. Members will contact you directly to book the appointment.

If you do not know how to create a free training, please read this article about it :

In case you have any questions left and want to contact us, please use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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