Once finished our small introductory tour to your FitogramPro Account, please follow the steps below. Please note that the initial tour asks you for your first creation of events and products. These configurations are examples and can be deleted afterwards.

Step 1: Set up your Locations

Navigate to “Settings” > “Resource Management” > “Locations” in FitogramPro. Important: All locations that you have registered with Urban Sports Club should be added to your FitogramPro Account! Please make sure that the name of your studio or studio location corresponds to the one visible in your Urban Sports Club profile. This is important for us in order to get your profile activated faster.


If you only have one location, please make sure that the right Studio Name and Address is entered before you go on creating your events.

Step 2: Set up your Events

Due to Corona, you are advised to offer a booking solution for all your events and training sessions. That means that any group class needs to be bookable but also free training spots should be reserved by your members before they come to your studio to train.

Please choose and follow the offerings that best describe your studio’s offer (even a combination) below:

  1. I offer Group Classes
  2. I offer Single Appointments or an Open Training Area
  3. I offer Ball Games
  4. I offer Equipment for rent (i.e. Surfing)

Step 3: Activation of your Urban Sports Club Integration

Activate the integration under Settings > Your FitogramPro Account > Urban Sports Club.

If you offer events with type ‘Appointment’, please make sure to add those manually during the activation of your Urban Sports Club integration (Included in the steps shown in FitogramPro during activation).

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation that your classes are live

(This usually takes between 12-24 hours during workdays)

As soon as Urban Sports Club checks your locations and enables your classes & Training Sessions, you will receive an automated message informing you that the integration is live. This means your classes are bookable on the Urban Sports Club app.
You can also check the status of the integration directly on your dashboard. When clicking on the event, check if there is a green mark near the Urban Sports Club logo. If so, your classes are live.

Step 5: Check incoming bookings

Once your classes are live, you can easily check if there are bookings from Urban Sports Club members

  1. From the dashboard, click on the event to see its details
  2. Under the Check-in section you will be able to see a list of participants. Just check the tab "booked"
  3. In this section you can see the name of the participant. In case you are using FitogramPro also for your own bookings, you can see who booked via Urban Sports Club.

Step 6: Check-In

Please make sure that all Urban Sports Club Members check themselves in through the QR-Code at your Studio location. Once the Code is scanned by the member, FitogramPro will mark this participant as ‘present’ automatically.

All Check-ins are transferred into your Partner Tool Account at midnight. After that, you cannot adjust your members' presence in FitogramPro anymore.

Step 7: How to manage your events

If you need to change some information about your classes, here some articles that can help you in your daily business:

Do you have any other questions? Just write to us in the chat!

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