Things don't always go according to plan. Occasionally an event unit has to be cancelled or even deleted. This is completely normal and is easy to implement in FitogramPro.

Cancel unit

  1. Go to the check-in area of the respective event and select the appropriate unit: either by selecting the desired unit on the home page on the correct date or by selecting the unit via the Events item.
  2. Click on the Event Options and select "Cancel event".

Compose a message

A pop-up window will open asking if you want the participants to be notified of this cancellation by email.
If you don’t want this to happen, remove the tick from “Send email”.
But if you do want to inform participants about the cancellation, then make sure the box is ticked and write a brief message. This should let participants know why the unit had to be cancelled.

The cancelled unit is now marked as “cancelled” in FitogramPro. A booking is no longer possible. All customers that had already booked will now appear under cancellations.

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