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Set up your account

To make the first steps in the software a little easier, we have put together a step-by-step guide for you. So you can be sure that you think of all the important settings.

1. Start the Setup of your account with the general settings:

Click on "Settings" in the left menu bar:

  • Under the tab General, set your "Basic settings" and your "Opening hours".

  • Under the tab Resource management you can enter your "Trainers" as well as the "Location" of your studio.

⚠️ ATTENTION: If you are an Urban Sports Club Partner and would like to link your FitogramPro account to your Urban Sports Club profile, make sure that your location is entered correctly. Otherwise we can not match the two profiles.

  • Finally, under Settings > Your FiogramPro account > "Admins" you can grant other people access to FitogramPro. Learn here how to create admins and give them the appropriate access rights.

2. Set up your courses:

You have already created your first course in the registration process, now add the remaining dates:

3. Create your products:

You can find out here which types of products are available on FitogramPro, what the difference is and how to create them.

4. Set the booking rules:

The booking rules are crucial to determine which events can be booked with which products. You can find them in the settings (Settings > Booking rules).

5. Create your customers:

In FitogramPro you can easily create and edit new customers.

You can manage your customers in the menu item "Customers".

6. Share your Online Booking Calendar:

You have now entered the most important settings in FitogramPro and are ready to share your Online Booking Calendar. Learn here how to do it.

7. Activate the connection to the Urban Sports Club (optional):

If you want more independence and time savings in managing your Urban Sports Club courses, learn more about the Urban Sports Club integration here.

Interested in our upgrades?

Here you learn more!

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