This article is about the various product types and their features. In FitogramPro you have the option to create your products as you wish. For this purpose, we have predefined various products which we will now introduce to you here.


A contract constitutes a membership with your studio for a limited period of time whereby a membership fee is paid at regular intervals. You have the possibility to make all kinds of additional adjustments and adapt your contract to your needs as well as to the needs of your customers. You can find more detailed information on the settings HERE.

Credit pass

With the credit pass, you have the possibility to grant your customers a certain number of credits against a one-time payment (for example: 10-credit pass). Your customers can then exchange these credits for your courses. In FitogramPro you also have the possibility to customise this credit pass completely. Further information can be found HERE


The course/workshop product directly creates bookings when purchasing products and is therefore suitable for closed courses and workshops lasting several days. You can define exactly which events should be booked from an event group and which shouldn't. To find out exactly how to correctly set up this product and what to be aware of, continue reading HERE.

Single event

The "Single event" is what its name implies. Your customer can use it to come once to a course of their choice. The next time they visit, they will have to purchase the product again. Find out how to set this up HERE.

Trial visit

The trial visit is the ideal product for the acquisition of new customers. Interested parties are given the opportunity to get to know your studio and complete a trial visit. Read HERE to find out what to be aware of when creating this product.

Trial contract

The trial contract works in a similar way to the trial visit. However, as the name suggests, this is a still a contract. In principle, the creation of a trial contract works in the same way as the creation of a normal contract. The relevant instructions can be found HERE.


A POS (Point of Sale) product is a physical product which you can also sell directly via FitogramPro. These are, for example, yoga mats, protein shakes or sportswear. Find out how to set up your POS products HERE.


If you are at a loss, you can also create a custom product for yourself. Just enter a name and a price and you have the necessary information on file. You can also enter a description for the online shop and - in the options - state whether the product can only be purchased once per customer.

WARNING: You CANNOT link a custom product to a course. It only serves to illustrate a product which is neither of a physical nature nor linked to a course. Therefore, a booking with this product is not possible.

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