In FitogramPro you have the possibility to offer not only online payment methods but also offline payment methods such as cash payment.
If a customer pays the amount e.g. in cash at your studio, you can enter it directly in the customer profile.

To do this, search for the customer either via "Customers" in the menu or use the general search bar at the top right to search for the customer’s name. To enter a new payment, click on the button "New payment".


A new pop-up window will open, in which you can now see all open and due payments of the customer. Tick the box for the payments you want to mark as paid.

The "Amount paid" field will be filled in automatically, but you have the option of adjusting the amount manually - for example, if you want to grant the customer a special discount. You can also document this in the "Additional notes" field.

You can also choose the payment method used by the customer and enter the payment date.

With a click on "Confirm" the changes will be saved and the transaction will now also be marked as paid in the customer’s profile.

Paid products no longer appear in the customer's payment overview.

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