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How do I mark a customer’s product as paid?
How do I mark a customer’s product as paid?

Enter the payment for a purchased product and mark it as paid

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Has your customer paid for the product directly in the studio or transferred the amount? Here we'll show you how to enter this payment in the customer's profile.  

In FitogramPro you have the possibility to offer different payment methods, both automated payment methods and manual payment methods.

An overview and a short explanation of all payment methods can be found here. 

Enter a payment

To mark a customer's product or transaction as paid, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the respective customer's page (e.g. by using the general search bar).

  2. Click on the "New Payment" button.

  3. A "New Payment" window will open. 

  4. Tick the boxes next to the payments that you want to mark as paid.

  5. The "Paid amount" field will be filled in automatically.

  6. Select the Payment method and the Date.

  7. (Optional) Enter notes about the payment.

  8. Click on "Apply".

The changes will be saved by clicking on "Apply" and the transaction will be marked as paid in the customer's profile.

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