Click on the "+"-button next to the search bar and select New Event.

Basic information

  • Type: A detailed description of the appointment types can be found here.

  • Name: Choose a suitable name.

  • Trainer: Choose the name of the trainer. If you haven't created the trainer yet, just create one right here using the "+"- symbol.

  • Location: Enter the location where the event takes place.

  • Status: Select Public if you want to show the event in the online course calendar. Instead, select Private (Not visible for customers) to save it only in your personal calendar.

  • Class size: Enter the maximum number of participants here.

  • Do you offer an online stream for this course? : Choose the appropriate option.

Event Description

  • The category the event belongs to (e.g. Yoga, Pilates, etc.)

  • Colour of the event to distinguish it from the others

  • A description which customers can read when booking the class (visible only for public events). On the top right you can choose the language in which you want to enter the description.

Event schedule

  • Here you can set at what time, with what start and possible end date and in what repetition rhythm the event should take place.

Booking details

  • Automatic waiting list: Is there a waiting list for the event?

  • Booking period: Should there be a booking period? If so, from when should the event be bookable/ from when it can no longer be booked?

  • Online cancellation: Should customers be able to cancel online? If so, until when should it be possible to cancel and until when should it the credit/ training unit be refunded?

Booking rules

  • Click Add a group: Assign the event to the right booking group so that it is subsequently linked to the right product. More info about the booking rules here.

Click Confirm to save your event. 

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