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How do I create tags & assign them to my customers?
How do I create tags & assign them to my customers?

Assign a tag to customers in order to only see certain customer groups

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Do you only want to view certain customers and filter them by customer groups? It's easy to create tags and assign them to your customers in FitogramPro!

Create customer tags

First of all, you need to create the customised tag in FitogramPro

  1. Go to a customer's page by using the search bar or the submenu Customers on the left menu

  2. Click on the PLUS symbol below the name of the customers

  3. Click again on the plus symbol on the right of Tags

  4. Choose a name and a colour for your customised tag

  5. Click Create tag

Tip: Only use each colour once.
It is recommended to use the colour once for clarity, since the tag colour is also displayed in the check-in area of your events.

Assign customer tags

The tag just created can be. now associated to the customer.

Click on the plus under the customer's name and just select the box near the tag to associate the tag to that specific customer you are in.

If you want to remove the tag for this customer, simply click on the box again. The tag will no longer be assigned to this customer.

Edit and delete tags

If you want to edit or delete a customised tag just use the two symbols near the name of the tag.

  • Pencil: to edit the name or the color

  • Bin: to delete the tag

❗ If you delete a tag it will completely removed from your database

Filter your customers by tag

In FitogramPro, you have the option to filter customers according to various tags. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

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