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How do I filter customer groups with the help of tags?
How do I filter customer groups with the help of tags?

Only want certain customers to be displayed? Then use tags to easily filter your customers in FitogramPro.

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You have the option to filter customers by using different tags. You have the choice between intrasystem tags and your own tags.

Under the menu item Customers you can now filter the customers using these tags:

Intrasystem Tags

Payment Status

The payment status always shows the status of a customer’s active product.

  • Paid: Customer has already paid for his product and have no open or due items.

  • Payment open: Customers who still have open payments.

  • Payment due: Customers whose payments are already due.

Note: If a customer does not currently have an active product, but still has an inactive product whose payment is open or overdue, then this will also be displayed in the overview. However, this customer will not be given the "due" payment tag since the tag only refers to active products.

Purchased Products

You can also filter your customers according to their active products. This way you can see at a glance how many customers have a points card and how many have a current membership. This information can then be used for marketing purposes, for example.

Online Booking Calendar

  • No online shop access: These customers are not yet linked to your online booking system. Click here to find out how to send them an invitation.

  • Online Shop access: These customers are already linked to your online booking system.

Custom Tags

Here you will find the tags you have created yourself. Find out how to create your own tags here.

💡 - You can now use the filters to download specific Excel lists for customer groups. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

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