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How do I mark a customer's product as paid?
How do I mark a customer's product as paid?

Mark a customer's transaction / product as paid

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Has your customer paid for their product directly in the studio or just transferred the amount to you? Here we show you how to make a note of this payment in their customer profile.

In FitogramPro you have the possibility to offer non-automated payment methods such as cash or bank transfer in addition to the automated payment methods.
The difference between these methods and an overview of all payment methods can be found here.

Enter a payment

To mark the customer's product or transaction as paid, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the relevant customer's page (e.g. by using the general search bar)

  2. Click on the "New payment" button.

  3. A "New payment" window will open. 

  4. Tick the box next to the payments you wish to mark as paid.

  5. The "paid amount" field will be filled in automatically.

  6. Select the payment method and the payment date.

  7. (Optional:) Add notes about the payment.

  8. Click on "Apply".

By clicking on "Apply", the changes will be saved and the transaction will be marked as paid in the customer's profile.

Products which have been paid for will no longer appear in the customer's payment overview.

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