What would course management software be without a check-in page? You can find out how to add customers to your events in this article.

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Check-in page

The check-in page is used to check in/register customers for a specific event and to monitor participants who have already registered.

The check-in page can be reached in many different ways, such as via the Start page or in the menu via "Events". Simply click on the corresponding event to show the check-in page on the right.

Check in existing customers

If customers have already been created, they can easily be searched for in the check-in page and added to the event. Simply click on "Search for a customer to check in". Typing the name will help you in your search.

Once the customer has been found, all you have to do is click on them.

Check in new customers

If a customer is not yet in the customer list because they are visiting your studio for the first time, you can easily create them and check them in at the same time. Click on the green "Check-in new customer" button.

A window will open where you can enter their first name, last name, email address and telephone number. First name and last name are mandatory. If these have been entered, you can simply click "Check-in now".

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