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How can I enter the sale of a product during the check-in?
How can I enter the sale of a product during the check-in?

Sell a product in the Check-In area of an event

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Sometimes things just have to go quickly. So it's good to be able to link a customer's booking directly to the sale of a product.

Add a product in the check-in area

1. Book the customer into the desired event 

  • You can find out how this works here.

  • If the customer doesn't have a valid product for the event, the button "Add product" will appear. 

2. Click on "Add Product"

3. A drop-down menu opens

4. click on "Select product".

5. Select the start date* (more info below)

6. choose the payment method** (more info below)

7. click on "Apply

* Select start date

For this event:
The validity of the product should start on the date of the event.

Select another purchase date:
The start date of the product should be a specific date in the past.

** Select payment method

All payment methods selected under Settings > Accounting > Payment method appear here.

ATTENTION: If "Cash" is selected, the product is immediately marked as paid. If you want to pay in cash at a later date without marking the product as paid, you can select "Pay Later".

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