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How can I see all my check-ins at a glance?
How can I see all my check-ins at a glance?
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As Urban Sports Club partner you have certainly different classes at different times of the day or the week. If you like to track down who checked in during a specific date or period of time, you can do so with the check-in list. You can find the list under "Check-in" in the left menu bar.

What is the use of the check-in list?

If you are at the front desk and need to know who checked in with the QR code during the day, this check-in list will give an up to date view of your daily work.

This usage is slightly different from the one you used to have on the Partner Tool.

What are the perks of this feature:

  • Clear overview: we show you all check-ins that are happening right now in your studio along with the time of the check-in, so that you know who is coming into your studio.

  • Live check-ins: your Urban Sports Club members scan the QR Code and do the check-in from the application and voilà, you can directly see them on top of the check-in list on Partner Portal.

  • Comprehensive filters: you can find members easily with our filtering function. (see below for details)

Check-in List - Filters

Your check-in list shows the check-ins for the current day by default, and the last check-in times are shown first on the list so that you are always up to date.

However, you might want to search for the members that have checked in during the week or for a certain class/location. Therefore we offer a set of filters for a customised view of the list.

You are able to filter the list with the following criteria:

  • date - Select the period of your choice with a start and end date

  • event - All active event groups can be chosen with the filter dropdown

  • location / profile - All active locations / profiles appear in the filter dropdown

The result comes in a form of a scroll-down list.

What does the check-in list not show?

If you are used to the Partner Tool check-in list, the one from the Partner Portal is not meant to be compared to the payout feature. In fact, the check-in list is showing all the instant types of bookings that automatically go through your Urban Sports Club application.

  • The Membership is not on it. (Membership Type and Member ID). We are looking into a different solution to display it according to your needs.

  • As usual, you will still be able to see the check-in list from the Partner Tool

    Caution: When you are doing a manual check-in in the Partner Tool, this check-in will not be shown on the check-in list on the Partner Portal. We are working on a solution in order to improve this situation.

  • Moreover, we are not showing any late cancellations and no-shows on the check-in list. However, you can see them in your respective classes.

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button in the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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