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How do I use the calendar (on mobile)?
How do I use the calendar (on mobile)?

In this article you will find out what the calendar actually shows you and how to use it!

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First of all, the calendar gives you a practical overview of all your events. You can view single days but also an entire week and access specific events.

To access the calendar select "calendar" from the menu bar on the left hand side of your screen.

The calendar view will open.

Via the arrows in the top left corner you can easily switch between days/weeks.

In the middle of the top bar you can find a small calendar symbol, with which you can fold/unfold the calendar.

Below that you can see a list view of all your events of the selected day, sorted by starting times.

By clicking on an event you will be forwarded to the event check in. This also allows you to access the edit window via the button "edit" (on the check in page). You can find out more on how to edit an event here.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our customer care team via the chat or email to [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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