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A customer can't log in to the booking tool
A customer can't log in to the booking tool

Your customer is trying to log in to the booking tool in order to book a class or purchase a product and it isn't working?

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If your customer is having issues logging in to the booking tool, here are some tips on how you can help:

  1. Check if the customer is logged in correctly: In order for a customer to see and access their products/bookings, they need to be connected to their customer account in your Fitogram software. Therefore, they need to be logged in with the same email address, which is connected in the customer profile. You can find this email by opening the customer profile, selecting “Options” -> “Edit customer”. In the new window go to “online Booking Calendar” and check this email address with the email the customer is using to log in to the booking tool. If they are different, then either ask the customer to use the one you have in the customer profile or you can update the one in the customer profile to the email the customer is actually using.

  2. Also, please make sure that there is no space (space bar) in front or behind the email address.

  3. Is the password correct: Is there possibly a space (space bar) behind or in front of the password? Additionally, it is always helpful to update the account by selecting “Forgot password” and set up a new password.

  4. Are they registered and connected with the booking tool already: If a customer has not yet been connected to the booking tool, they won’t be able to log in. Therefore, you can either send them an invite via the customer profile in your Fitogram software (via the "Invite" button) or ask your customer to register online via the log in page of the booking tool.

  5. Make sure the customers try to log-in via your online bookingtool. If they try to lo-in via, it is normal that the log in doesn’t work. /!\This page is only for studios and customers must log in via the corresponding bookingtool page.

If there still seems to be an issue please contact our customer care team via the blue chat button or email to [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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