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My customer can't see and use a purchased product in the booking tool
My customer can't see and use a purchased product in the booking tool

A customer is trying to book an event from the online booking tool, but their supposedly active product isn’t available for the booking?

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The product is not shown and they are being asked to purchase a new product?

Here are a few steps you can take to check what’s going on and help your customer:

  1. Check the booking groups set up: Go to the product settings and see, if and if so which booking group has been added. Then open the event group and the "event group options" to check, if here the same booking group as in the product was connected. If there is a booking group missing in either the product or the event, you can add the correct one. If one is wrong, you can easily change it. Find out more about booking groups here.

  2. Check the customers active product: Open the customer’s profile and find the active product. Has it moved to the “past purchases”? Is it still valid or has the expiration date passed? For credit passes: Are credits available?

  3. Check the product rules: Go to settings -> booking rules -> product rules and find the product, e.g. 10-Credit pass. Check the product rules for this product. Does it have limitations on it? Has the customer possibly already reached the limit of bookings possible? Find out more about product rules here.

    Please note that the product rules limit the check ins from the first day until the last day of the month, despite the purchase date of the respective product. For example : Limit of 10 bookings monthly, but purchase date is the 10th April, means: 10 credits will be counted from April 1st to April 30th, not from 10th April until May 10th. So if the purchase date is 10th April the customer can use 10 check ins from 10th April until 30th April.

  4. Check if the customer is logged in correctly: In order for a customer to see and access their products/bookings, they need to be connected to their customer account in your Fitogram software. Therefore, they need to be logged in with the same email address, which is connected in the customer profile. You can find this email by opening the customer profile, selecting “Options” -> “Edit customer”. In the new window go to “online Booking Calender” and check this email address with the email the customer is using to log in to the booking tool. If they are different, then either ask the customer to use the one you have in the customer profile or you can update the one in the customer profile to the email the customer is actually using.

  5. Check the customer’s active product and the corresponding product settings: Is the product supposed to become active with the first date of booking? If that’s the case, it is not possible to book an earlier event with the same product.

    Quick solution: Assign the product to the customer once again and change the price to 0 € Euro. Delete all remaining credits in the “old” product and redo the bookings with the new one, starting with the earliest appointment.

If nothing has worked so far, please reach out to our customer care team via the chat or mail [email protected] . Ideally you could send us a screenshot from the customers account, so we can see exactly what is happening. We are happy to help!

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