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Bookings and Check-Ins on the Partner Portal
Bookings and Check-Ins on the Partner Portal

Learn how and where to see your bookings and check-ins

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On the Partner Portal you can see all bookings, cancellations, and check-ins from Urban Sports Club members in the class overview.

Just click on the class of which you would like to know the booking details, and you will have this overview:

Firstly, you can see the bookings. The cancellations are in the other tab next to it.

On the right side, you will see a brief description of your class (name of the class, date, where the class takes place, and the available spots).

What is the difference between bookings, cancellations and check-ins?


Once you have created the class and the available spots, Urban Sports Club members are able to book your class on the Urban Sports Club App. You can see a new booked seat automatically on the Partner Portal under the booking tab.

Do you have a lot of bookings and need a clear overview? No problem, simply click on the filter “Date ascending” on the right slide. You will be able to sort the Urban Sports Club members by their booking date or by alphabetical order.

If you wish to see the number of bookings and spots left as a summary, you can read it on your schedule here:


Urban Sports Club members can cancel their classes via the Urban Sports Club app.

You will be able to see who has cancelled the class right away on the Partner Portal in the following cancellation tab , on the event details page:

Please note that members are always able to cancel their classes in the app. However, if they cancel their classes outside the cancellation hours, they will be tagged "late cancellation" and you will get your usual compensation automatically. Those no-shows appear in your old partner tool.


Urban Sports Club members must use the QR Code at your studio to check-in. On the Partner Portal, any member that checked in via QR Code will be marked with a checkmark on the right side next to the name automatically.

The icon is a red cross: Your member did not attend the course, check in is no longer possible

The icon is a yellow circle: Waiting for member registration, as soon as your member has checked in with the Urban Sports Club application, he/she will be considered as present.

The icon is a green marker: Your member has been successfully checked in.

I wish to know in real-time when an Urban Sport Club member booked or cancelled a class

Please read this article if you wish to be informed about bookings and cancellations via notifications.

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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