On the mobile version, it is also possible to create products for your clients: a contract or credit passes.

On your homepage, you must first click on "Pricing Plans" to start creating a product.

Then choose the product you want to create.

To create a credit pass :

Give your product a name and select an applicable VAT rate.

As in the Desktop version, you will then have to select a number of valid sessions, as well as the validity of booking in weeks, months, years or without time limit.

Activation on the date of purchase: the product will be activated when you book your first class. This means that it will not be possible to book a course at an earlier date if the customer wishes to opt for an earlier class. For example: the customer has booked their first course for 25 March 2022, when the validity starts to run. Once the first course has been booked, it is not possible to book a course on 22 March 2022 for example.

Automatic booking: to be activated if and only if the customer wishes to book one and the same slot each week. This is because when the customer makes their first booking, all their credits will be allocated to future sessions of the same course. This should be avoided if the customer wishes to book several different courses with their card.

Afterwards, as usual, you will have to choose the payment methods available to buy the product as well as the booking groups (the different classes) available with this product. And there you are!

To create a contract :


In this section, you mention the name, the price and any additional costs related to the contract.


In this section you should mention the duration of the contract and whether it is renewable or not.


Here you must enter the information that will appear on the invoice, whether payment is made on the date of purchase or on the first day of the month. You will also specify the payment methods available to buy the subscription, as well as the possibility to pay on the spot.


If you already have booking groups created, they will appear here and you can link them directly to this new product. If the product can only be purchased once by the customer, specify it here. You can also choose whether or not to make the product available online, if you want it to be available later.

Once these settings are saved, the product will be created and available with the other products in the Pricing Plans section.

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