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How can I create a course / workshop product aka Event ticket?
How can I create a course / workshop product aka Event ticket?

You are offering a special event and would like to offer your customers a specific event ticket for this? Here you will find out how to!

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With the Event ticket product, it is possible to book the exact individual times of a course or workshop which should be booked with it. The product is also directly linked to the booking of the events. This article explains how to set everything up correctly.

Create an Event Ticket

  1. From the navigation menu go to Products

  2. Click on the New Product button

  3. Select Event ticket by clicking on the corresponding + symbol

Basic settings

  • Choose a suitable name.

  • Enter a description for the online shop.

  • Set a price.

Event ticket details

  • Connected Event Group:
    Specify which event group this product should be linked to. *

  • Can a refunded credit be reused elsewhere? If you select "Yes" here, the product can still be used for another workshop in case of a cancellation, for example. Simply enter the corresponding booking group here.
    If the product should only be used for this one workshop, then select "No".

Payment Settings

  • Select a Payment method from the dropdown menu.

Booking Details

  • Decide if the product should be available online.

  • Decide if the product can only be purchased once per customer.

  • Decide if the product should still be available in the shop after the course has started.

* Note: Please keep in mind that you can also create multiple products. For example, if a workshop lasts 3 days, you can create a separate product for each day and one that allows you to book all of the days.

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