With the Event ticket product, it is possible to book the exact individual times of a course or workshop which should be booked with it. The product is also directly linked to the booking of the events. This article explains how to set everything up correctly.

Step 1: Create a new product

  • From the navigation menu go to Products
  • Click on the New Product button
  • Select Event ticket by clicking on the corresponding + symbol

A new window pops up:

  • Choose a concise name that suits your workshop well
  • Set a price
  • In the booking rules, specify the scheduling group to which this product is to be linked. This links the date and price.

Step 2: Set a limit

Select the Dates which should be connected/booked with this Product.

In the Options you can also create a Back-Up booking group. That means, if the Product may not only be used for this Workshop, but (in case of a Cancellation) also for another Workshop or another Event.

If the Product may only be used for this workshop, then select no for Back-up.

If you want to check the link again, you can find it under the booking rules (in the settings).

Note: Please keep in mind that you can also create multiple products. For example, if a workshop lasts 3 days, you can create a separate product for each day and one that allows you to book all of the days.


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