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How do I create my own branded app?
How do I create my own branded app?

You've decided to create your own branded app? Then you can find some more details in regard to the general setup in this article.

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For activating the app you need to go to Integrations > Branded App.
Here you can either directly activate the app if you are already on a package containing the app or you can upgrade and then activate the Branded App.

After you have activated the app you will receive an email from us containing a password for the App system. You click that link, enter your email and password and you will be able to make the first changes to your app.

Use your new credentials to log in and access your app.

In the dashboard, you can edit your app and submit it to the app stores if you want to.

You can now use a lot more features and modules for your app.

You will see that your app already contains some of your info, so it's easier to get started.
We added the name, app icon, splash screen and some default modules for you already.

Read more about how to make changes to the design of your app or how to change / add different modules to the app. As soon as you are satisfied with your app you can submit it to the iOS App Store and the Android App Store.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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