How do I design my app?
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If you click on your app on the dashboard after logging in to you can see the menu item "Design".
Here you can find all the options to change the general design of your app.

In the first section you can choose the layout of the app. By default the "visual" layout is chosen.

As soon as you choose a general layout you can make adaptions to the number of columns and rows. This is important for displaying the different modules in your app.

After you have chosen the general layout of your app you can choose the colours you want to use.

Underneath the color selection you can adapt the images for your app. If you had a logo on Fitogram we used that one as a default for your app already.

App Icon
Displayed on the home screen of the phone, when the app is added

Splash Screen

Displayed when opening the app and it is loading the content

Logo in Header

If you have this activated in the layout of the app you can upload an image for the header of the app

Portrait background

This is the background of your app. Here we have adapted your logo to fit just above the menu.

Landscape background
This is visible if you turn the phone and the content is displayed in landscape format.

Always check on the info icons to make sure you are uploading images in the correct format!

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