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Here you can find all the figures about your revenue.

As on all other dashboards, you will find at the top:

  • Filter options

  • "Jump to" to quickly switch to the next dashboard

  • A link to the help center

Total Payments and Refunds

In this overview, you can get an overview of your received payment after refunds, as well as the refund amount. Please notice that you can click on the legend to highlight only one series. No drill is available in this tile.

Top Sellers

The "Top Sellers" section shows you:

  • Your top 30 products by received payments after refunds.

  • Your top 30 events by assigned payments after refunds. (Review the attribution model here )

  • Tip: You can always click on each field to sort the chart differently, thus you can also see:

    • the first or last 30 products by product name in alphabetical order

    • the first or last 30 products by product type in alphabetical order

    • the top or bottom 30 products by payment amount

    • the top or bottom 30 products by refunds amount

Payments Categorisation (Available in the L-Package)

Here you can find various data to categorize your sales.

  • What percentage of your sales come from contracts, how many from one-way tickets? How do the percentages differ per week?

  • Which payment methods do your customers use? How big are the differences in different weeks?

Summary (Available in the L-Package)

In the summary you will find the average per customer, contract and all products for your total period and for the last seven days.

You don't use our new reports yet and are curious how they would look like for you? We'll show you everything in a personal conversation!

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