Here you can find all the figures about your revenue.

As on all other dashboards, you will find at the top:

  • Filter options

  • "Jump to" to quickly switch to the next dashboard

  • A link to the help center

In the last 7 days

Here you can see how much you have taken on average in the last 7 days. Additionally, you can see the percentage change compared to the previous 7 days.

  • Average per customer

  • Average per contract

  • Average of all products

Order and payment overview

In this overview, you can see the number of orders and payments per week. One bar shows the number of orders, while the other bar shows the payments of the week.

In the right chart, you can see the percentage change from the previous week.

Tip: To change the period, set the filter from "Week" to, e.g. "Month" or "Day". You will then see the payments and changes per month.

Payment categorization

Here you can find various data to categorize your sales.

  • What percentage of your sales come from contracts, how many from one-way tickets? How do the percentages differ per week?

  • Which payment methods do your customers use? How big are the differences in different weeks?

Top sales

These are your top performers!

  • Which product do you earn the most with, and which product sells the worst?

  • Which event brings in the most revenue and which event brings in the least?

  • You can see the order quantity, i.e. the marked sales, and the payment quantity, i.e. the booked sales. You also see the refund amount.


In the summary you will find the average per customer, contract and all products for your total period.

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