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Tips & Tricks 10 - Upgrade a Customers Contract
Tips & Tricks 10 - Upgrade a Customers Contract

A Customer would like to upgrade his contract so that he/she can take participate in more Classes?

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No problem at all! With the following Steps, this is done quick and easy.

1. Search and open the Customer Profile

2. Cancel the current Contract at the next possible Date by clicking on the three horizontal dots next to the payment status

3. Select the option "Terminate"

4. In the new window, select the appropriate Cancellation Date.
ATTENTION!!! -> With the cancellation, all bookings beyond the Cancellation Date will also be cancelled

5. Confirm the Cancellation of the current Contract

6. Then click on "Add Product" in the Customer Profile

7. Select the new Contract and enter the Date when the new Contract should start and save it with the correct Payment Method.

TIP!!! -> Set the Start Date of the new Contract so that there is a smooth transition between the old and the new one!

If the Customer pays by Automated Payment Method (Credit Card/SEPA Direct Debit), then the Payment Method would first have to be adjusted in the Product Details and at the start of the contract a payment reminder is automatically sent and there the Customer has to enter his Bank Details again for confirmation and the collection takes place again on its own and the money is transferred directly to your Bank Account.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during the change, don't hesitate to ask us! We will help you!

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