Providers would like to sell some Customers a Special Product due to their long Membership in the Studio or due to a lot of Bookings but don’t want that other Customers are able to see this Product in the Booking Tool.

With the following Guideline, the Provider will be able to do so.

  1. Click on “Products” in the Menu List

  2. Choose the Option “New Product” on the right Side

3. Set up a Pricing Plan → Credit Pass

4. Enter all the necessary Information for the Product

  • Keep in mind to select the following Options in order to send the Customer the Voucher Code without offering the Product itself in the Booking Tool

5. Save the changes

6. Click on “POS” in the Menu List

7. Choose the Product that you just created

8. Click on “Voucher

9. Select the Customer that should receive the Voucher Code and the select the Payment Method

10. Send the Voucher Code via Email to the Customer

11. Enter the Email Address and Click on “Send Mail now”

Shortly after sending out the Email wit the Voucher Code, the Customer is going to receive an Email with it. Now, the Customer can redeem the Voucher Code via the Booking Tool on its own.

Redeem voucher in customer profile

On the offer page of your online booking tool, the customer receiving the voucher can redeem it by entering the code and clicking Apply Code:

Note: The customer must be logged in to redeem a voucher code.

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