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Tips & Tricks 8 - Create a Contract with One Time Payment
Tips & Tricks 8 - Create a Contract with One Time Payment

You would like to set up a Contract with a One Time Payment instead of a monthly charge because it is a temporary Contract.

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With the following Steps, the Provider can easily and quickly set up a One Time Paying Contract.

  1. Click on “Products” in the Menu List

  2. Choose on the right Side the Option “New Product

3. Choose the Product Type “Contract

4. Enter all the necessary Information for the Contract such as Product Name, Contract Details, Payment Settings, etc.

5. As for the One Time Amount, please set up the monthly Amount to 0,- € and the Registration Fee to the wished One Time Amount.

6. Save the changes

If the Customers is going to buy the Contract, the monthly Fee will be shown as 0,- € and there is only one Fee which is the Registration Fee and at the sam time the One Time Payment.

You can quickly and easily create a contract with a one-off payment. Almost all Payment Methods can be selected for such a contract.

IMPORTANT!!! PayPal cannot be selected because even though it is a One-Time payment, it is a Contract and usually has a recurring monthly cycle and this does not work with PayPal.

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