You have a specific Product and you would like to promote it more than the others? No Problem. With a few Steps it is possible to change the Order of the Product within your FitogramPro Account and at the same time as well on the Booking Tool.

  1. Open your FitogramPro Account

  2. Go to “Products”

  3. Select the Product you would like to promote more

  4. Via Drag and Drop you can move the Product upwards to the Position you would like it have it

Important to know!!!

Since most of the Studios offer different kinds of Products, the Product Typ here is probably not the same as the Product Typ which had been placed there in the first place.

Once the Product Typ changes, so does the Order of the Product Types on the Booking Tool.

But this only affects the First Product in the List. Trying to change the other Product as well, will not have any effect at all.

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