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Tips & Tricks 5 - Book Customer into an Appointment
Tips & Tricks 5 - Book Customer into an Appointment
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It can happen that when trying to create an Appointment directly via the Calendar View in Fitogram, an Error Message appears or the Customer can’t be saved.

If such a case happens, please proceed with the following Steps:

  1. Create the Appointment Event on the Calendar View → Make sure not to enter the Name of the Customer! Only create the Appointment

  2. Click on “List View” afterwards

  3. Search for the Event Group of the Appointment

  4. Open the Event Group

  5. Choose the Date where the Customer should be booked into

  6. Go to Check-In on the Appointment Day

  7. Check the Customer into the Appointment

The Customer is then booked into the Event/Appointment and it is also shown on the Calendar View.

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