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Tips & Tricks 4 - Access Online Streaming Event via Customer Profile
Tips & Tricks 4 - Access Online Streaming Event via Customer Profile

It could happen that the Email with the Streaming Link did not get send to you. In such a case, please follow the Steps below

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For Fitogram Customers

If it should happen that your Customers should not have received the Streaming Link via Email, they can still manually and easily log into the Event without having to send an Email with the link manually.

To do this, the Customer only needs to log in to the Online Booking Calendar via his registered Account, access his Account and select the appropriate event. Here the Link will be displayed and the Customer only has to click on it.

The Customer is then automatically logged into the Live Streaming Class.

For Urban Sports Club Members

Unfortunately no Emails were sent by Urban Sports Club, so no links were sent. This was due to a technical Issue on Urban Sports Club Side.

Please remind your Customers that they can find the links in their Profile and do not have to wait for an Email.

If someone did not receive a Link to the livestream via Email, he/she can log in to his Urban Sports Club Profile and find a button in the respective course that takes him to the online course.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in

  2. Click on your name in the top right corner

  3. Click on "Sport Plan"

  4. Click on "Check in for the livestream"

You will now be forwarded to the Online Livestream

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