It can happen from time to time that a customer would like to change his payment method and does not want to make his payments manually but from now on automatically and through you.

With the following steps, you can quickly and easily adjust and change the payment method in Fitogram.

  1. Open the Customer Profile

  2. Choose the product you want to change

  3. Click on the 3 horizontal points

4. select the "Product Details" setting

5. In the new window you can now adjust the payment method and change it to one of the automated ones

6. After changing the payment method, you send a payment request to the Customer where he/she has to enter his/her bank details (can be the Credit Card Number or the Bank Account details)

7. Before the Email is sent to the Customer, this must be confirmed again. Alternatively, you can also insert a text and inform the customer again about the change that was made at his request.

As soon as the Customer has entered his data and has selected the appropriate automatic payment method, the Data will be sent to the payment provider (Stripe) and they will take care of the collections for you, etc. The money will still be transferred to your account as usual.

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