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Tips and Tricks 3 - Send a Newsletter
Tips and Tricks 3 - Send a Newsletter

Would you like to send your Customers a monthly Newsletter? With the following Steps you will be able to do so

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Sending out a Newsletter directly via the software is not possible for the moment.

But in Order to reach all Customers, please proceed as followed.

  1. First click on "Customers" in the menu bar

  2. Activate a Customer Export by clicking on the button "Export all Customers”

  3. Start a Customer Export

Please keep in Mind that it takes a couple of Minutes to generate the Customer Export. This depends on the Total Amount of Customers which are in the Fitogram Account.

4. Download the Export as an Excel File after the data has been generated

5. Copy all Email Addresses of the Customers from the Export

6. Upload all Email Addresses to your Email Provider

7. Create the Message, including the Newsletter, for your Customers and then send it

All Customers will then receive your Newsletter 😉

You can use this functionality not only for sending out Newsletters but for other things as well such as informing your Customers that your Studio is going to be closed due to Holidays, etc.

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