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How can I refund my clients?
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A customer has accidentally bought a product twice with the automated payment method (credit card or SEPA direct debit) and the money has been debited from his account and the customer now contacts you and wants to get a refund of the money he paid a lot.

What exactly is the procedure here?

=> Please contact the FitogramPro team because only we have the ability to initiate a refund through the payment processor. 

Important! => In order to create the correct refund to the customer, we need to know exactly who the customer is and what payment (Date, Product, possibly the payment number stored in FitogramPro). This is the only way to ensure that we can transfer the correct amount back to the Customer.

The refund usually takes 5-10 days. Then the customer should have the money back in his account.

In the meantime where the Refund takes place, the payment has to be cancelled and the accidentally double booked product has to be removed from the Customers Profile to avoid a further debit.

But how do I cancel a payment? Here we show you how to do this quickly and easily!

Finally you delete the product from the Customer Profile.

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