Overview of the Online Calendar

You are wondering what possibilities you have on Fitogram's online calendar? Everything you need to know, you can find here

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  1. By clicking on the EVENT LIST tab, you will be taken to an overview of special events (workshops, retreats, etc.) that your studio does not regularly offer

  2. In this section you can see the contact details provided by your studio

  3. In this section you have the possibility to filter the list of displayed events on the left side according to your wishes. You can filter by Event type (classes, special events, etc.), Trainer (maybe you have a favourite trainer?) and/or Location (maybe your studio has several locations?)

  4. By clicking on this field you switch from list view to week view. You can find out more about this below in this article

  5. By clicking on this field you have the possibility to either log out or access your account. More about your account you can find here

  6. Click on "Offers" to get an overview of all products offered by the studio. There you can also buy them without booking an event. You can find out more here

The weekly view

  1. By clicking on the arrows you can either go forward or back one week. On the left side you can see in which week you are. By clicking on "Today" you can always return to the current week

  2. By clicking this symbol you get back to the list view

  3. By clicking on the month symbol you can directly proceed with whole months

  4. By clicking on "Filter", the same filters will open that are available in the list view (see above)

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