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How do I set up my Online Booking Calendar?
How do I set up my Online Booking Calendar?

Your customers can book via your bookingtool. Here we show you how to set it up, personalize and share it optimally.

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The events you create in FitogramPro are automatically transferred to your online course calendar. Here you will learn how to edit your course calendar and how to share it with your clients.

Click in the menu on Settings > Online Booking Calendar.

Share Booking Tool

Here you can copy either the link or the widget code. With the help of the code/ link you can then integrate the booking calendar on your website.

For more information about the online booking calendar and its integration, please refer to the correspondint section of our helpcenter:

Edit Details

Here you can edit and add the following information:


Logo & color

  • Logo: Upload your logo. We recommend an image in .jpeg format with colored background (not transparent).

  • Color: Choose the main color of your calendar.

Event details

  • Display available seats: Check this box if you want your customers to see how many spots are still available.

  • Show event colours: Check this box if you want your classes to appear with the colors you defined in Pro. If you want to add the colors now, learn here how.

  • Display cancelled events: Check this box if you want cancelled events to still be visible in the calendar

Modify Booking Tool pages

  • Show event list page: Check this box if you want to add a page to your calendar for events without a regular time schedule (like Special Events).

  • Add offers page: Check the box if you want to add an additional page with all your products and prices.

Ask your customers for additional information in the checkout

  • Decide whether phone, birthday and/or address should be requested at the first booking (optional or mandatory).

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