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How can I easily book a recurring customer?
How can I easily book a recurring customer?

Do your customers regularly participate in a class that always takes place on the same day at the same time? Create booking series!

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Guarantee your customers a seat for all the classes by booking them in series!

From the Dashboard

  1. Check-in your customers for the first available date of the selected event from home

  2. Once checked in, the name of the customer will appear in the event details under the tab booked 

  3. Click on the name of the product with which the customer attends the class

  4. Select Create Booking Series 

   5. A new window will open up. There you can select:

  • The series that should be autobooked: select the day and time when your customers regularly attends

  • The date from which the booking series is valid

  • The date on which the series is to end. You can choose the expiration date of the product owned by the customer, a specific date, or the number of dates visited. 

You will see that the selected customer for this event will automatically be booked for the entire period you have previously specified.

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