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Within the customer data, you can see the history of all products purchased by the customer and can change all information about them.

Product Overview
By entering the customer card, you are given an overview of active products as well as the history of past orders.

In the line for active and past products, you will see the following information:

  • Product name (in bold)

  • Product expiration date

  • Remaining credits (if it’s a product with limited credits)

  • Product costs

  • Payment status

Changing a Product
Click on the three dots on the product line to view the following information and make any necessary changes:

  • Product Details: Clicking on the button will open a dialogue box. Click on Product Details to change the expiration date or purchase price. You can also add special notes to the changes (e.g. to give the reason for the price reduction)

  • Send Payment Request: If the payment has not yet been made, click on this button to send an automatic email reminding the customer of the payment. The text of the email can be customised in Settings > Communications

  • Create Invoice: Once the payment for the product has been made, you can automatically create an invoice based on the information stored in Settings > Accounting > Invoice Settings

  • Delete product in customer profile: WARNING: If an invoice has already been created, it must be cancelled first! This is important to keep the accounting correct. On one hand please make sure to cancel the payment in your accounting, how to you can find out here. On the other hand it is also important to create a cancellation invoice.

Contract Details
When you view the details of the contract, these additional buttons are available to you:

  • Cancel: In the event that the customer makes a cancellation, you can enter the date of receipt of the cancellation and any fees here

  • Pause: If the contract is only to be paused for a period of time. The pause can be lifted at a later time

Details of the Credit Pass

When you view the details of the credit pass, these additional buttons are available to you:

  • +1 Credit: Click here if you want to manually reimburse the customer with a credit 

  • -1 Credit: Click here if you want to manually deduct a credit from the customer

  • Archive: In case you want to archive the credit pass. This product will later be visible under "Past Orders".

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