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Overview of Customer Menu
Overview of Customer Menu

The menu on the left side of the dashboard provides easy access to all customer data. We’ll give you an overview here.

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Download Customer List
In the customer area you will find the data stored in FitogramPro in alphabetical order. By clicking on the "Export All Customers" field, the data will be downloaded in Excel format.
If you only want to export certain customers, select them by clicking on the small field on the left side. Once you have selected all desired customers, you can download them as Excel files by clicking the "Export X Customers" button.

Next to the customer's own name you can see which product they use most often for booking events.

Payment Status
Next to the product you have an overview of the payment status. There are two different displays:

  • Green, Paid: The product has been paid

  • Red, Due: There are still open amounts that need to be settled


In the upper line you have the possibility to specify the criteria you can use to filter your customers.

Select your desired tags to get a list of customers with this special function.

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