Download Customer List
In the customer area, you’ll find the data stored in FitogramPro in alphabetical order. By clicking on the total number of your customers on the left in the small box at the bottom, you can select all items and then download the data in Excel format. You will notice that after checking the box next to the total number of customers, a new Download button appears in Excel format.

Active Products
Next to the customer’s name, you can see which product they use most often to book events, the expiration date or automatic renewal date in the case of a subscription, or the number of credits remaining in the case of a course book.

Payment Status
In addition to the active product, you also have an overview of the payment status. You will see "tags" in different colours:

  • Green: The product has been paid for
  • Red: The displayed amount is still to be settled
  • Grey: The payment is pending (open), as these are products for which a monthly or weekly fee is charged

Filter In the upper left box, you have the possibility to specify the criteria according to which you can filter your customers.

Click on the arrow in the box and find the tag you wish to filter by. Select it and click on CONFIRM to get a list of customers with this specific feature.

More Information
You will also have an overview of the different customer types above:

  • Interested: Customers with an active product
  • New: Those who have recently joined the management or have recently registered with FitogramPro
  • End: Customers with a product that will soon lose its validity
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