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How do I check in a customer using the customer profile?
How do I check in a customer using the customer profile?

Check-In through Customer profile

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In FitogramPro, you have the option to check in your customer directly via the customer profile. The following instructions explain exactly how this check-in works.

  1. Search for the corresponding customer using the search bar top right

  2. In the customer profile you click on the button Check-In 

  3. A new dialogue window will open.
    Select the course in which you would like to check in the customer.

  4. Click on Confirm Check-In. Make sure that the customer has a valid product to take part in the course.

  5. Close the window by clicking on the small x in the top right corner. 

Good to know 1:

You can also quickly register a client for a course by entering their name in the search bar and clicking on the Check-In button.

Good to know 2:

When you check a client in to a course via FitogramPro, they will not receive a booking confirmation by email.
They will only receive this confirmation if they book a course via your Online Booking Calendar.

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