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How do I sell POS products to walk-in customers?
How do I sell POS products to walk-in customers?

Do you want to sell a product to walk-in customers without having to register them as new customers?

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To sell a product to walk-in customers, you can use the one-time customer option.

This should have already been set up automatically and connected to the POS. Whenever the cash register is used, a one-time customer option must be available.

Check whether the one-time customer already exists in your account.

Step 1: Create a one-time customer

New users of FitogramPro already have a customer named "One-time customer One-time customer".

If you do not have this customer, you can create it by clicking on the big "+"- sign in the upper right corner. Select New customer here.

For the one-time customer, only the name and surname must be indicated.

It is best to choose a name that directly identifies them as a one-time customer, such as "One-time customer One-time customer". Finally, click on Confirm to save the data.

Step 2: Link a one-time customer to the POS

The one-time customer must then be linked to the POS .
Go to Settings > Accounting > POS.

Select the one-time customer in the "Select a customer" - field and click Confirm.

Step 3: Sale

Once the one-time customer has been created and linked to the POS, POS products can also be sold to walk-in customers.

Here you can find out how exactly the sale of POS products works.

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