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How do I sell POS products to my customers?
How do I sell POS products to my customers?

You have already created some POS products and now you want to sell them to your customers?

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Selling a POS product

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, go to POS

  2. Identify the product you would like to sell and click on the button Add.
    The product will be added to the cart on the right

  3. Select the name of the customer from the dropdown menu.
    ➤ You can also create a new customer by clicking on the "+" - symbol.
    Enter the required information and click Create customer.

  4. Click on Payment

  5. Select the method of payment

  6. Click again on Payment

The purchase will be registered in the customer page. You can also check the sale under Accounting > Sales

If the product is sold to a walk-in customer and not a customer in the database, then you can read what to do here.

Remove a product from the shopping cart

To remove a product from the shopping cart, simply click on the X-symbol next to the product name.

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