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How do I prevent booking after a course has already started?
How do I prevent booking after a course has already started?

Automatically stop/prevent the purchase of a course/workshop product once the course has started

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Courses or workshops in which the individual units build on each other should no longer be available to book once they have already started. Those who didn't book early enough should not be allowed to participate at a later stage. You can stop this in FitogramPro.

Prerequisite for using this feature:
The course/workshop must only be bookable via course/workshop products.
You can find out how to create a course/workshop product here. 

Automatically prevent the booking of a course once it has started

  1. Create or edit a course/workshop product (event ticket). 

  2. Click on Booking Details in the PopUp.

  3. For "Available in shop after course has started?" select "Yes" :

    Yes = The product (and also the booking) is available for purchase after the first session has started

    No = After the first session has started, the product can no longer be purchased by your customers in the shop. However, you still have the possibility to sell this product in FitogramPro.

  4. Click Confirm.


If the course or workshop consists of several series, the oldest series will be counted as the starting event. This may, therefore, mean that the product is no longer available for a new start. A new event group must then be created here.

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