First, you need your Widget Code, that can be found in the main menu on the left under "Settings" < "Shop & Widget" < "Share. Select and copy the first code.

You have two codes at your disposal. We recommend using the first code (excl. bootstrap). Both codes link to your course plan, but the upper one has some advantages, such as individual links. The iframe code should only be used in a small number of cases, for example if the first code does not work with your website (layout error). However, this happens very rarely.

Copy the code completely (all characters in the blue box)

Switch to your Jimdo page and select the subpage where you want to add the course plan.

Add a new content and select "html/widget"

Copy the widget code into it and click on Save.

Tip: If it takes a little longer to save, simply click on Module again and again on Save, then your course plan will be loaded directly.

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